Who We Are

When we seek for connections, we restore the world to wholeness. Our seemingly separate lives become meaningful as we discover how truly necessary we are to each other.”
— Margaret J Wheatley

How many people are prepared to handle the difficult reality of declining health? How many have talked with others concerning their hopes or fears about what life will look like when the loss of health occurs? Let us help you take the first step.

After many years of hands on experience, the founders of Mosaic Connections realized there needed to be a support system that individuals, along with family and their healthcare providers could depend on when dealing with decisions about future health care options. We are professionals who represent experience in counseling, nursing, education, administration and social work. We have interacted with hundreds of patients and families as they traveled the uncharted territory of making future decisions for themselves or find they are responsible for making decisions for someone else. Unfortunately, the end result of not planning ahead can lead to emotionally charged decision-making in crisis situations that can feel forced and often fragments families.

Advance medical directives are not a new concept. They center around a legal right to make healthcare choices based on one’s own values and beliefs, to document those choices and to choose the person who will make sure those wishes are honored if a person is unable to speak for him or herself. However there is a very low percentage of people who actually talk about or understand how declining health may affect them. Even fewer go so far as to complete an advance directive document to make sure their wishes will be honored.

Mosaic Connections staff understands that advance care planning is not a task that tops most people’s “to do” list. However, our approach is based on providing experts who will compassionately guide the whole communication process that must take place. We believe that the decisions involved in advance care planning have the greatest success of actually being followed when the planning involves and includes the key people in your life. This is where the name “Mosaic Connections” comes from. Our mosaic represents the many individual pieces needed to develop a plan that uniquely represents a person’s wishes. An individual’s decision-making mosaic includes personal beliefs, values, information, key people, discussion, decisions, compassion and guidance.

Please tour our website to see the various ways that we facilitate this creative journey. Life consists of shared experiences. Why would anyone make advance care plans alone?