Advance Directive Education allows you to influence the final picture of your life.

Are you at a place where you need to be thinking about advance medical directives for yourself, your parents, in­laws or a sibling with health care issues? This is not a task that tops most people’s ‘to do’ list, but we can help guide you through the process.

The goal of advance directive education is to prepare for a time when you may not be able to make decisions for yourself because of illness. The proper planning can lead to the completion of an advance medical directive. This legal document identifies a patient advocate (someone who knows and will follow your wishes) as well as the type of medical care you may or may not want as an illness progresses.

Mosaic Connections staff helps you reach this goal by providing the tools and support that are needed. With over 10 years of experience working with people who were faced with making serious health care decisions for themselves or for others, we are prepared to to guide you through all the important steps.

Our services:

  • An introductory meeting to review the basic information about advance medical directives. This can take place in a mutually agreed upon location (our office, your home, church, etc.)
  • Help you identify and involve the key people who need to participate
  • Provide communication tips and worksheets to gather the information that you need and help involve family, advocate and health care provider
  • Provide information and answer questions about life­ sustaining treatment options
  • Participation in a family meeting and/or prepare you for a discussion with your healthcare provider
  • Provide and assist you in completing a legally recognized advance directive document
  • Be a resource for you both now and in the future.

Each person’s life is a unique creation made up of many different pieces. Values, beliefs, family, knowledge and experiences all influence us as we move through each phase of life. The advance directive education phase is no different. Together, we can create a valuable document that reflects your wishes and will be understood and honored.