As the Mosaic Connections co-founders and consultants, we would like you to know that we have spent our careers in clinical service, teaching and speaking to groups and individuals about the importance of thoughtful decision-making. In keeping with our life work, we are now offering services that provide you with the chance to directly utilize our experience whether you are an individual, a professional seeking staff training and education, or someone interested in a presentation for your community group.

At Mosaic Connections we provide a method of advance directive education based on our belief that decision-making about one’s healthcare choices is best done when it involves others. It is our goal to educate and provide guidance to individuals and groups about the important process of self-reflection and involving the physician and loved ones before documenting end-of-life wishes.

If you seek help with this important task, the following reasons highlight why Mosaic Connections is a unique service and substantially different from what is currently available:

  • We are solely devoted to supporting end of life decision-making.
  • Our personal involvement includes family members and the healthcare professional involved in your care.
  • Our backgrounds are in social work and nursing practice. We have over 10 years of experience dealing directly with individuals and families faced with making tough treatment choices.  (Visit the “About Us” page to view more information)
  • We have the ability and know how to assess and meet our client’s educational needs at their level of understanding.
  • We can provide the documents and resources needed if you are not comfortable with using the internet or do not have internet access.
  • We understand the importance of flexibility and will meet at a mutually agreed upon time and location that helps fit your individual needs.
  • We will provide staff education for professional offices and can be available as a retainer service for business practices.
  • Our comprehensive package for individuals extends for a six-month period of support, allowing adequate time for the completion of a meaningful advance directive document.

We are dedicated to providing a beneficial service that emphasizes the important process that should be part of completing an advance directive document. The Mosaic Connections process ensures that we value your right to have your wishes clearly understood, documented and followed.

Ann Caulfield-Cook, LMSW, PhD        Martha Hnatiuk, RN, MA