We are a compliment to your business and an asset to your clients.

Mosaic Connections Consultation Service can assist you in achieving your patients' and clients' desires to complete an advance directive.

With over 10 years of experience in healthcare as well as overlapping careers in education, administration and social work, we expertly facilitate the complex discussion involving values, wishes and patient advocate selection. Our professional education service is for all the steps in advance directive education.

Why choose us? We are professionals knowledgeable about advance directives. We have experience meeting with families to discuss sensitive clinical and ethical health care matters. Our collaborative process includes timely response to a referral and the coordination of discussions with all key people involved.   Using our service increases the likelihood that someone will actually complete an advance directive document and have confidence that his or her wishes will be honored and followed.

If you are a physician's office, financial planner or an attorney, our services include:

  • First meeting to assess how we can help you
  • Meetings with your clients that includes:
    • Overview of the information and importance of advance medical directives
    • Review of the medical terminology of life sustaining treatments
    • Communication worksheets that support the patient and family
    • Meetings with family/advocate led by Mosaic Connection staff
    • Provision of advance directive forms
    • Guidance through the steps of completing an advance directive document over a six month period.
  • Curbside consultation about individual clients
  • Follow up support by phone or email.

When you engage Mosaic Connections you not only add value to your business but also provide a specialized service that is unique. Please contact us, so we can help you meet your business’s needs as well as the individual needs of your patients or clients.